Lectors Jul-Oct 2019

Extraordinary Ministers: July 6 - Oct. 27t,h 2019

July-October 2019

July 6 5pm Robert Grimes

July7 8am Barbara Wywiorski

July 7 11am Al Ondrey


July 13 5pm Anne Leone

July 14 8am Laura Steele

July 14 11am Karen Stroud


July 20 5pm Patti Meredith

July 21 8am Chris Sullivan

July 21 11am Laurie Young


July 27 5pm Bob Pyznar

July 28 8am Matt Tavani

July 28 11am Mike Miller


August 3 5pm Mary Alice Demangone

August 4 8am Barbara Wywiorski

August 4 11am Al Ondrey


August 10 5pm Anne Leone

August 11 8am Laura Steele

August 11 11am Teresa Ondrey


August 14 Vigil Sandy Kasenga

August 15 8:30am Chris Sullivan

August 15 12:10pm Mary Pfeffer


August 17 5pm Mary Alice Demangone

August 18 8am Laura Steele

August 18 11am Karen Stroud


August 24 5pm Robert Grimes

August 25 8am Matt Tavani

August 25 11am Laurie Young


August 31 5pm Patti Meredith

Sept1 8am Chris Sullivan

Sept 1 11am Mike Miller


Sept 7 5pm Bob Pyznar

Sept 8 8am Debbie West

Sept 8 11am Al Ondrey


Sept 14 5pm Mary Alice Demangone

Sept 15 8am Matt Tavani

Sept 15 11am Teresa Ondrey


Sept 21 5pm Robert Grimes

Sept 22 8am Debbie West

Sept 22 11am Mary Pfeffer


Sept 28 5pm Sandy Kasenga

Sept 29 8am Laura Steele

Sept 29 11am Karen Stroud


Oct 5 5pm Anne Leone

Oct 6 8am Debbie West

Oct 6 11am Laurie Young


Oct 12 5pm Sandy Kasenga

Oct 13 8am Chris Sullivan

Oct 13 11am Mike Miller

Oct 19 5pm Patti Meredith

Oct 20 8am Matt Tavani

Oct 20 11am Al Ondrey


Oct 26 5pm Bob Pyznar

Oct 27 8am Barb Wywiorski

Oct 27 11am Mary Pfeffer

  February 2021  
Upcoming Events


The Light is On for You (Confessions available)
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
in the church; reservation not needed; masks and social distancing required in the church; sanitizer available.


First Friday Mass 8:30 am
8:30 AM to 5:00 AM
followed by Eucharistic Adoration until 4:50 pm Benediction.
Stations of the Cross
7:00 PM
Friday evenings in Lent;
afternoon time for school students TBA
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